Deborah Fox, RM, BMid, MSc, PhD
Associate Professor in Midwifery
University of Technology Sydney

Dr Deborah Fox is Senior Lecturer in Midwifery and Director of the Bachelor of Midwifery at the University of Technology Sydney. The foci of her research are optimising physiological processes for women with complex pregnancies and the impact of new technologies upon midwifery practice. Her PhD, which was attached to the Birthplace in Australia project, was a qualitative study of the processes and interactions involved in the intrapartum transfer of women to hospital from planned homebirth. Dr Fox is the Chair of the National Publicly Funded Homebirth Consortium and was a member of the ACM Professional Practice Advisory Group which compiled the ‘Birth at Home Midwifery Practice Standards’ (ACM 2015) and ‘Transfer from Planned Birth at Home Guidelines’ (ACM 2016). An innovative clinician, she collaborated with obstetric colleagues in 2011 to establish Singapore’s first caseload midwifery model, 'EMMa Care' and was instrumental in the implementation of Group Antenatal Care in Victoria. She supervises Honours, Masters and PhD research students in midwifery, public health and obstetrics and gynaecology and comes to Women and Birth after a three-year term as Associate Editor of 'Midwifery'.