Karen Matvienko-Sikar
Health Research Board ARPP Research Fellow
School of Public Health, University College Cork, Ireland

Dr Karen Matvienko-Sikar is a Health Psychologist in the School of Public Health, University College Cork Ireland. Karen obtained her PhD from the School of Applied Psychology, University College Cork and is currently a Health Research Board Applying Research into Policy and Practice Research Fellow in the area of Maternal and Child Health. She is particularly interested in maternal stress and mental health across the perinatal period and how this can impact on maternal, obstetric, and child outcomes. Karen has experience and expertise in developing, implementing and evaluating interventions for maternal and child health in antenatal and primary care settings in pilot and feasibility trials. She also has experience and a keen interest measurement, including in terms of biomarkers of stress, and the development and use of core outcome sets. Karen is a Catalyst for the Berkley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences and is an advocate for Open Science.