Haya Zedan, Ph.D.
Saudi Electronic University
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Haya Zedan is an Assistant Professor of Primary Care and a faculty member in the Department of Public Health in the College of Health Sciences at the Saudi Electronic University in Saudi Arabia. She has a background in psychology and public health and is a certified childbirth educator, doula and breastfeeding consultant. She is a certified perinatal mental and emotional health counsellor and motherhood studies practitioner.

Haya has a strong interest in maternal mental health, wellness, and the psychosocial dimensions of matrescence, birth experiences, trauma and their impact on motherhood. She works in supporting mothers from preconception education throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and advocates for community mental health initiatives.

She is a frequent speaker at workshops, conferences and training programs for physicians, nurses, midwives and mental health professionals. She has extensive teaching, writing, research and program planning experience and is an active member of several research interest groups in both Saudi Arabia and internationally.